Posttraumatic (Herbarium)

01.10.2018 – 20.10.2018


The exhibition contains plant compositions collected by the artist in the polluted after the Chernobyl accident in
1986 village of Strakholissia, which population was not evacuated. The also were shown videos and photos
taken on this territory in cooperation with the photographer Vitalii Ocheretianyi and camerawoman SvietaDiodna-

The project considers the relationship between human and the environment in the post-traumatic period. The
artist observes plant communities in strong radiation pollution conditions. The process of immersion in adverse
environment transforms her personal fear and gives an impulse to reconsidering and searching for the new
opportunities for growth and development.

Recovery through destruction or posttraumatic growth – is the main subject of the exhibition. It raises the question
of where the breaking point of our personal limit is located (is it?), and is there a destruction of such force to make
further progress impossible?