25.10.2012 – 12.11.2012


As you know, in sculpture as an art form, not always quite simply evolved relationship with modernity. Obeying the laws of visible tangible space, it leaves little opportunity to work with something temporary, fluid, instantaneous and pulsating. Dense materiality form dictates artist his condition is almost always pushing him in trouble. But the more difficult task – the more interesting every attempt to solve it started.

The last few years, sculptor Nazar Bilyk irrationally his work – trying to avoid, prevent birth of material forms. Turning to counterform – that technology is always preceded the birth of the volume – he deftly slips from tenacious embrace of the visible and tangible objective world. Balancing between the visible and the imaginary, the author creates an image which gets its final perfection only in the presence of the viewer.

Therefore, unlike the traditional round sculpture counterform not self-sufficient. Demanding for its emergence as a work, turned on the guest watching – each time it changes depending on him its contents. Not in space but in time. In this sense it is much closer to photography than to sculpture. Just like the analog image comes from negative film – counterform valuable that provokes the emergence of the image, but not visual, but speculative.

“Counterform” – is a “shadow synthesis” form, which thus born “black” analytical range, not shown by the world root causes” N.B.

Olya Balashova