Artists who participated in the project: Oleg Drozdov


The whole series of works on metal was inspired by the moment when I found a lost enamel cup in my garden. In one place the enamel was missing having grown into a big hole. I rummaged my memory trying to remember the circumstances under which this cup might have appeared in that particular place. At the same time, the cup itself seemed to be an accomplished piece of work. The nature itself suggested the way how the phantom of time could be embedded into space.

Time is the most complicated substance to be perceived. The course of time could not be captured if it weren’t for the ever-changing surroundings, when we invest the space with our feeling of time. Any time related experience is very personal. Identity is nothing but reflection between changes and constants. Like in drama, our time-related feelings are always connected with certain entourage and characters. What is more, the older we get, the heavier these time layers are.

Nothing can help us feel the time better than degradation, erosion and corrosion. Natural divine chemistry enters the fight against man-made objects and landscapes. It devours things which become food for our Terra, turning everything into her flesh. Time does not spare symbols of the future proving that any project of the future is a transient thing. Projects of the future emerge at an increasing pace only to be disposed of in no time.

On the one hand, architecture cannot exist without landscape, and on the other hand, it is part and parcel of the landscape itself. In its turn, landscape, both natural or man-made, possesses basically all the features of architecture. Physically and chemically, the architectural flesh is made of the same matter as the landscape, which is why architecture belongs to the field of geography, as the latter presents the most general idea of what landscape is about.
Everything which is displayed here was made with the help of nature and a certain share of chemical agents. The geography in all the works is fake, although it can remind of some places. Unlike in oil paintings, the processes triggered here will continue to occur, constantly changing the pictures and thus celebrating the dictatorship of time over matter.
This is a research into the nature of our existence, as it occurs amongst our ambitions, time and the space of our Terra.

Oleg Drozdov