In response

11.07.2014 – 02.08.2014


Project by Shapka Art Group (Sekeresh Olesia, Tokareva Oleksandra)

Our own reaction is under influence by various incentives, but spectator reproduces images inside the mind and create visual models. They represent a complex reconstruction of the initial object and its subjective emotional meaning and estimation, based on personal experience and knowledges. For us it is important to observe unconscious process of influence of various factors to individual, that delight and impress and motivate to act. Also important is real, not artificial reaction, , it is possible when the subject become the object in process of observation. . In particular, in this project nature is the object. To us it is an important factor that motivates the creation. We can’t exist separeted from nature, we are one.
This project is a kind of our reaction “in response” to the strong influence of nature to us.