07.03.2013 – 26.03.2013


There is a clear effort to define any exhibition in terms of its conceptual component in the discourse of contemporary art. The concept is often the main element of the exhibition becoming an obstacle to the emotional, imaginative and personal perception of an art work. But there are works, appealing to understanding on a purely aesthetic level, leading us to the sphere of mysterious, elusive – to the sources of all things. This feeling is always provoked by the works created by Ukrainian artist Alexander Sukholit.
Alexander Sukholit’s project “Drawing” is not defined by a certain concept or theme, he turns to the age-old categories of creativity and creation. Not the theme, but the form is chosen by the artist to be emphasized and it becomes the basis of the work. Old format, hand drawing is the perennial theme which the artist declares, filling each of his works with the feeling of sublime, mysterious and beautiful. Art – not as a way to articulate something, but as an opportunity to contemplate, to be silent, to listen, maybe to commemorate.
Subtle images, simple lines, giving rise to indefinite subjects fill Alexander Sukholit’s drawings in this exhibition, created specially for the Shcherbenko Art Centre space.