The project consists of works of different periods of the artist’s work, written in the period from 1998 to 2011. The artist worked on them during this time, maintaining long pause, rewriting and causing the paint layers one by one, in such a way as if the “writing” lessons learned painting on the surface, as well as exploring the fluidity of time invested in the work of the artist, co-create the experience of time works, the history of which is recorded on the surface.

And then there is the question of the nature of the visual representation of the lost in the mirage, the narrative flow of information and spam.

Peeling the subject of paintings from the “values”, Tiberius Silvashi approach to understanding the true meaning of the object called “painting”.

His painting became a state when it coincides with their boundaries and fit for purpose.

When technology is the language. When sensuality is in a complex with the conceptual unity. And when main is not understanding, but co-existence.

The depth and intellectual art Silvashi can argue endlessly. The main thing is that the pictures do not make you think about what the artist, and on what he said confidently. And his pictures speak volumes, and this is not a story of the history of art, and does not transfer from one art language to the other. They talk about the ideas and attitudes of the artist, on the reality of a new sense of harmony and power of color.