31.01.2009 – 19.02.2009


«15 – this is amount of works, which will presented on exhibition. Greater parts of it were created last time, but some of them were written before. It is very important for me to inclusion such works in the context of new exhibition, because it shows important for me principle of continuity of painting as a process. Like a process in physical and in philosophical sense.

Work with coal here was new for me. This material sends the professional artist to the years of study, to the academic pictures. In addition, drawing coal – the result of wood incineration – his track, track of fiery element. Beside “coloured” objects this “coal minimalism” is created defined field of tension. They shade each other, comment, answer by near rhythms and forms and this form carries logic in itself. In the “white cube” of gallery these works form the record of primary elements and essences of artistic language, turn into the objects of contemplation. Together with space of gallery they create private space of forms migration».