20.10.2011 – 08.11.2011


Valeria Trubina – a talented landscape painter, was born in Ukraine in 1966. She studied at the Kiev Art Academy. The Paris Commune of the late 80s and early 90s began her career in the group. Today she lives and works in two countries, Ukraine and the USA, and her exhibitions are held all over the world …


The romance and spirituality of her paintings evoke positive emotions. And from the contemplation of landscapes, painted like watercolor, you get aesthetic pleasure. About her exhibition “Flashback”, that she was fascinated and inspired in the work on this series, the artist told us on the eve of the discovery:


“I perceive painting as instant flashes. What impresses me is a very fleeting impression, giving the initial impetus, which is the promise to create work. The impression is very strong but very short, it is not possible to analyze it, it is not possible to verbalize it in any way. When I start work, I have to go back to my memory and regenerate the first impression that prompts further action. Those images that arise, emerge in the memory of consciousness from the past if we consider the linear time “past-present-future” is just the duality of our consciousness, the duality of our mind, which is so convenient. We cannot perceive the world as a holistic, we perceive it as short segments, flashes. But there is some kind of internal return, a constant that always allows you to return to any point of the past, future, present because in reality there is neither past, nor future, nor present, everything is one reality and we all strive for it.


I wanted to explore this area, return to a constant, to an internal state of constancy, which still pulls us out of the perception of the surrounding world, and the pictures that will be presented at my “Flashback” exhibition are connected precisely with this research enthusiasm.


Flashback is also a linguistic pun. Flashback can be translated very differently. Literally – this is “flashback”, that is, from somewhere behind. But at the same time, what is “behind” is back, it is not behind your back, it is most likely an internal flash, I would say, it is like a flash of internal perception, a very subtle feeling that is difficult for the mind to understand. The mind thinks in names, categories, objects, and I wanted to dissolve the object a little in my perception at this level. Although I still push off from the object and observe the landscape, this landscape is already perceived by me through another prism, through an internal stop, a stop of deep internal space, through a perception not mental, but more global, that is, not physical, not by eyes perception, not perception by mind , namely perception at the level of sensations. We say “the world is given to us in feelings”, and the feeling about which I speak is so subtle that it is difficult to recognize it, and not only to recognize it but difficult to catch. Our mind cannot concentrate on it, and all that can be done is to “freeze” it. And the painting – it freezes a fragment of this subtle sensation and holds it, then the mind is forced to contemplate it and decipher it in the process of contemplation. ”