Secret Gardens

24.10.2009 – 05.11.2009


The appeal of the Ukrainian artist Valeria Trubina to the landscape genre means a certain social and philosophical position of the artist: returning to the world of nature as a departure from everyday life. In a society that involuntarily reaches the critical speed of life and the flow of information, it is still within the power of an individual to make a quiet revolution in himself by turning off at least temporarily from this flow. And it is not so difficult – just step aside.

Valeria Trubina is a tireless traveler who searches and everywhere finds her “Secret Gardens” – hidden from others wonderful places that are filled with silence. Her paintings preserve this silence. These are her memories of those spaces that are not yet touched by the destruction as a result of an overwhelming human desire to control the natural environment.

Pictures by Trubina once again confirm that personal creative stories today are more convincing than following a practically non-existent mainstream or context. Reproduction of nature for the author turns into her comprehension through meditation. The perception of an object is directly related to the person’s perception of himself, in a personal vision a person acquires a genuine identity.

The author captures his sensual impressions on the canvas and lures the viewer inside the created space, offering him to experience his own emotional experience. The topic of exploitation of the beauty of nature, it would seem, has long been exhausted, but “Secret Gardens” by Trubina is a new place for private experience and meditation.