Landscape: layers

17.04.2013 – 18.05.2013


Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk presents his new project “Landscape: layers”, in which he develops the idea of ​​an earlier project – “Landscape: enter”. In the project “Landscape: layers” artist draws the viewer’s attention to the special status of the landscape in the context of the modern world that surrounds man, as reflected in one’s aesthetic perception. The landscape is a great metaphor -the metaphor of our multi-level consciousness in both form and matter. Visually Prysyazhnyuk’s landscape is represented as a peculiar union of the elements of classical art and modern media, which results in the formation of a new artistic reality. At the level of content the artist is looking for the universe of the landscape as such, influencing on human perception with the archetypal images.
The image of the sky appears as central inside of the structure – the artist’s paintings unfold a special dialogue between a small human being and a great, dominant heaven. Sky plays the role of the semantic creating factor, it is a constant metaphor of human perception of the world. It is always upon us, regardless of the time in which we live, and of the space in which we find ourselves. Therefore, the artist requires a dialogue between universality of the landscape and particular qualities of our perception.
Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk paintings are symbolical and mythological, but we are free to choose arbitrarily a temporal-spatial fixation. One’s choice is anyway due to the human commitment to the visual harmony existing on a subconscious level.