People’s Museum of Avdiivka

6 April 2021

“People’s Museum of Avdiivka”, Piotr Armianovski, documentary, 6 min., 2018

Synopsis. In Eastern Ukraine, there is the people’s Museum of Avdiivka. His father is a coking plant, his brother is an alcoholic. The Museum loves the fresh air and bringing people together. He wanted to stop the war around the world, but could not protect even the loved ones. However, the residents of Avdiivka restored their Museum — a place where the strangest ideas come to life.

Team. Voice Museum: Alexander Ivashina. Director, cameraman, Armianovsky. Producer: Nadezhda Parfan. Creative assistance: Chad Gracia. Sound Engineer: Kirill Tomashevsky. Archival videos: children’s amateur film studio “ASYUT-film”. Credits: the People’s Museum and the Initiative group of the city of Avdiivka.

Piotr Armianovski (b. 1985) is a performer and director, MSc in Computer Science, cofounder of Pic Pic group. Studied theatre and performance art in Kyiv, Lviv, and Moscow including “School of Performance” by Janusz Bałdyga, “Artist is present” by Marina Abramović. Since the war conflict started in his home city Piotr focuses on the documentary. Currently, he lives and works in Kyiv. Piotr Armianovski participates in projects and exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, France, and Spain.

Grand prize in the category “non-fiction” at the festival “Open night” 2018; the Santa Fe Film Festival 2019; Cottbus Film Festival 2018; MFKU 86 “MyStreetFilms” 2018

Photo from the MUHi 2019 exhibition

Photo by Volodymyr Denysenkov