Valeria Troubina performs at Ukraine after eight years break (24.10.09 — 05.11.09)

Valeria Troubina performs at Ukraine after eight years break (24.10.09 — 05.11.09)

24 October 2009

For the Ukrainian painter Valeria Troubina the reoccurring appeal of landscape art is a social and philosophical one: the return to the realm of nature as a way to escape mundane reality. In a society that involuntarily moves people and information at critical speeds, one individual is still capable of making a quiet inner revolution by temporarily disconnecting from this intense current. Really it is not all that complicated to get out – one can simply step outside.

Valeria Troubina is a tireless traveler, who searches for and often finds wondrous places filled with serene silence, “Secret Gardens” hidden from others. Her paintings preserve this silence for the viewer. They are her recollections of those places, untouched by the destruction of Man’s insurmountable urge to control the natural surroundings. The imagery in her paintings transcends solid planes, sometimes disappearing into the twilight fog, sometimes blending with the rays of all penetrating light.

Troubina’s paintings once again reconfirm that an individual’s creative stories today are much more convincing than looking for the practically nonexistent meaning in the mainstream. The recreation of nature becomes the artist’s own understanding of it through meditation. The direct perception of the significance in reality is connected with self-awareness; one’s true identity is achieved through such personal vision.

The artist renders her sensory impressions on canvas and invites the viewer inside this newly created space to experience his or her own emotional adventure. It seems that exploitation of the beauty of nature has long been drained of it’s meaning, however Troubina’s “Secret Gardens” is a brand new space for inner discovery and meditation.

Natalia Filonenko, 2009