The video platform of Shcherbenko Art Centre is an archive of video works, documentations of performances and films by Ukrainian artists. The video platform was established in order to provide an opportunity for all those interested in culture to have access to video works at any time outside their display in certain exhibition projects. Originally created in the spring of 2020 as a virtual alternative to offline exhibitions during quarantine, the video platform quickly filled the gap with access to contemporary Ukrainian video art.

The archive presents the works of artists with whom Shcherbenko Art Centre and Bottega Gallery have collaborated over the last 12 years. Among the artists presented in the archive are Danylo Galkin, Maria Kulikovska, Maria Proshkowska, Alina Maksymenko, Anna Naduda, Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey, Lia Dostlieva and Andrii Dostliev, Serhiy Petliuk, Tiberiy Szilvashi and others.

The presented works represent a number of issues and topics relevant to contemporary art discourse, including feminist studies and issues of women’s labour, identity and differences in mentality, collective trauma and memory politics, variability of social types and image of the crowd, conflict and war, criticism of the political system, etc.

Videos are available for viewing anywhere, anytime.

Black on Prussian Blue

Videoart, fragment, 27'22'', 2020

Dostliev Andrii, Dostlieva Lia

Video, 23'38'', 2010

Szilvashi Tiberiy

Documentation of the happening , 1'46'', 2016

Galkin Daniil

videoart, 3'15'', 2017

Kulikovska Maria

videart, 12'10'', 2018

Proshkowska Maria